Lance licenzia senza preavviso i giornalisti (accorsi a  centinaia  in più al Giro SOLO perché c’era lui … Pure oggi arrivato tranquillo tra i primi sul Vesuvio: sovra – umano)

May 28, 2009, 2:06 PM

Lance Armstrong Covers Lance Armstrong


A recent video blog post by Lance Armstrong and his teammate Levi Leipheimer, shot by the cyclists themselves after they completed a grueling stage of this year’s Giro d’Italia.
Updated | May 29 Lance Armstrong, who stopped talking to the news media without explanation or comment nearly two weeks ago, is not the first star athlete to tire of answering questions from reporters, but he does seem to be the first to embark on a drive to put them out of business entirely, by simply reporting, in multimedia blog posts and tweets, on his own exploits.

As my colleague Juliet Macur reported earlier this week, Philippe Maertens, a spokesman for Mr. Armstrong’s cycling team, “said that Armstrong was at first upset with reports that he had been the instigator of a rider protest last week in Milan. Now, Maertens said, he was not sure why Armstrong continued his boycott of the news media.” According to the spokesman, the seven-time Tour de France champion told him simply, “I don’t need them.”

Given his immense fame, and the power of the new media tools he has obviously mastered, Mr. Armstrong is now free to cut out the middle man and go straight to the people.

Ever the competitor, Mr. Armstrong even seems to be enjoying tweaking his new rivals in the press corps, secure in the knowledge that he is scooping them hour after hour as he posts regular updates to his chatty Twitter feed, where he banters with other cyclists, comments on his comeback and even answers questions from some of his more than 933,000 followers. Last week he even took a moment to post this comment on a news report saying that some members of the cycling media had stopped quoting his tweets, in an effort to force him to engage with them:

Bitter sports reporters are boycotting @lancearmstrong’s Tweets. Good luck with that, and welcome to 2009.
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It has to be said that he is quite good at this kind of tweeted, blogged and vlogged coverage, which may bode well for his chances of winning another kind of race, for governor of Texas in 2014.

At a press conference in February, he had a testy exchange about doping with an Irish journalist and former rider, Paul Kimmage, who has suggested that Mr. Armstrong cheated and even called the champion a “cancer” on cycling.

When Mr. Armstrong is in control of the coverage, the subject of doping is not often part of the conversation.



Dopo l’indegna gazzarra al Block Haus e non le scuse (CHE TUTTI S’ATTENDEVANO), ma la sua rivendicazione e medievale teorizzazione su GazzaSpace, Gazzetta (“siamo gentili noi abbruzzesi: non abbiamo impiccato Pellizotti ad un albero dei nostri boschi”) e non 1 sola parola civile da di Luca (se questo  mongolo è il loro leader: 1 capace di correre 1 intero Giro come i Tori all’Arena: vede sempre rosa e corre sempre  – SI. MA PER Menchov, o per chi passa di là per caso – L’ha constatato persino suo suocero, che corre da imbecille. SE QUESTO E’ IL LEADER, IL MEGLIO…).
Dopo questa ampia e reiterata evidenza empirica (segnalata da tutta la stampa sportiva  mondiale – si è osservato che così si giustificano gli sputi fiamminghi ai nostri Campioni):

1. Esistono buoni, robusti motivi per ritenere che la maggioranza, o  almeno una consistente minoranza del popolo abruzzese, siano sub-normali.
2. Qualcuno li informi che a loro non appartiene nessun territorio legale: è Repubblica Italiana e vi vigono le sue leggi. (Fatta salva – ma solo in àmbito di filosofia e sociologia politica, e non di diritto vigente certo! -, la sana dialettica centro-periferia, con gli autonomismi da Codice Barbaricino cari a Bastianino Brusco, lettore di Gourvitch).
3. Voi sub-abruzzesi potete provare ad impiccare 1 corridore veneto. Se poi calano gli alpini stavolta non a salvarvi, ma a demolirvi, però, poi non vi dovete lamentare.


Ci si vede a Cesenatico venerdi prossimo!


Il g. dopo, il 6 giugno a Cesenatico c’è la corsa per professionisti MEMORIAL Pantani!!!


On Friday 29th May 2009, @nonnoenzo said:

#Pantani #5june #TruthDay #cycling
PIRATI! appuntamento davanti allo Spazio Pantani di Cesenatico venerdi 5 giugno, per ricordare la vigliaccata di Madonna di Campiglio (10 anni e sembra ieri), alle ore 18. Una poesia x Marco; da Attilio Resnati, oggi 29 maggio 2009.
La sfida —
Sale sull’Alpe il ciclista ardito — l’Anima libera, carattere battagliero — la volontà indomita di vincere il sentiero. — La strada serpeggiante tra pascoli fioriti — sale sulla cima del monte dominante — per arrivare tornante su tornante — all’ultimo traguardo cui la sfida mira. — Il ritmo è snello all’inizio della erta — la volontà tenace di arrivare alla meta. — Il ciclista suda sulla salita che arranca — così a mezza strada la pedalata è stanca. — Lo sforzo si fa sentire, manca la forza bruta —
ma l’intenzione resta di finire la partita. — Così: seduto sulla sella, curvo sul pedale — trascina fuori tutto quello che può dare. — Per non sentir fatica, la mente fa fuggire — votata ad altri aneliti, per vincer la salita. —
La volontà tenace, estrae una forza pura —
che gli consente di non sentir fatica. —
Un ultimo tornante che gli strappa la Vita —
e finalmente la salita è finita. —
È arrivato al passo, ha vinto la sua sfida! — Ha lasciato sulla strada un mare di sudore

BY Attilio Resnati, 29 maggio 2009

la poesia e tutto il resto su FB:

FBI goes Social Ocean –


The FBI is willing to do just about anything when it comes to tracking down bad guys. They did the widgets thing last year. And today they announced that they’ve “set up shop in several social media websites.”

They’ve now got profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles are highlighted. They even have billboards up in Second Life. But nothing is mentioned about MySpace.

Una normale, straordinaria giornata al Lido; ivan ritorna e mark in rosa

DSCF1609_ivan4-58-_particolareUna giornata tranquilla al Lido
Con l’emozione unica di Ivan che ritorna 3 anni dopo, e l’inatteso regalo di Mark rosa

A photo-diary of today

Saturday May 11, 2009. Except this cut on the left, every quoted picture is published @

I spent  the afternoon at Lido di Venezia, watching the Giro and all the human world turning around this sport event and mediatic circus. In the morning, it was Nathalie that, with a facebook reply to a twitter message of mines, signalled that there was nothing normal today, everything was gonna out of the ordinary (time is out of joint– Hamlet, and,M1). That was an important message for me, since it prepared my mind to the  special events of the day.
Let us say that the cyclists I most  like after Ivan & the Pirate, are the two new generation ones, that stimulate father sentiments in me since when I first saw them in action, years ago: Andy Schleck and Mark Cavendish. Last of my thoughta was that the latter would have been, at end of the day,  the first to wear legitimately (as a cadeau, the Sindaco, my friend  Massimo Cacciari had already got one) Dolce & Gabbana’s pink jersey.

I come down from the vaporetto at Lido, just in time for a lucky first shot (photo: GIRO 1; 3:55 pm – ) of Mark and the Columbia boyz marching to their triumph, almost no one had betted upon. A couple of minutes before their arrival. Then I met Ivan twice, at very short distance:
– in the middle of a bit of crowd, just before departure (photos – GIRO 6 to 12, 4:25 to 4:30 – twitpic);
– 2nd time, more intimate  – GIRO 19; 4:58, see also a reproduction below  – in a narrow street, almost the two of us and no one else, when from the arrival he was getting to Liquigas meeting place, at trattoria Favorita, via Duodo 33. I knew in advance it was him (no adivination, except being there at the right time right place, walking through streets I’d never been before; but all the Liquigas team had passed by, so last he came  – no surprise; his nice wool hat was a further, unnecessary  element), but the shot came too much at a distance, no good. Finally he might have been in one of the Liquigas cars leaving  the Lido’s trattoria Favorita for  the special ferryboat (reserved to il Giro) to Punta Sabbioni on the way to Jesolo, but can’t tell (see: GIRO 23 & 24).

e per finire …

GIRO (photos no. 28 to 35). Nice dinner at the Gran Via Restaurant, Great Street (Gran Via itself), Lido. The owners showed me proofs that at lunch Moser, Fondriest and Motta had been there: GIRO 32 =—time-trial-technology-at-the-giro explains the technology implications (and constraints) of today’s Lido-TTT  (team time trial).

AFTER THE  TT TRIAL, THE CALM RETURNED UPON HIM. BUT HE’S ALWAYS ISOLATED in his own world, in a bubble: “Per tutta la corsa, vivo come in una bolla di vetro” (Today’s Gazzetta, p. 5: “Meglio di così non posso stare”)



bigger version –

JUST BEFORE THE TTT: like a lion in the cage, tension is electric at 1000W –



Girissimo del Centenario che parte a bordo Laguna


Giovedi 7 pomeriggio h 16 presentazione delle squadre in Piazza San Marco + = Yes, I ... on Twitpic

dalla sezione foto di Twitters: 1 bici di  fantasia di 1 artista, e quella VERA, tutta tatuata con cui correrà il Grande Lance al Giro!

Disegnata dal creativo che ha inventato il famoso poster Hope di Obama.

Tutti al Lido SABATO 9 MAGGIO (per istruzioni vedere la Gazzetta Rosa: il circuito parte dal lungomare, vicino a Piazzale Bucintoro, e si conclude a Piazzale Ravà) per  la grande festa di popolo pirata (che ci guarda dal cielo, e quest’anno protegge ivan dagli spiriti maligni)  e popolo ciclista en general. La PRIMA TAPPA, una cosa mai vista e che mai si rivedrà per secoli, il Girissimo del Centenario parte sul bordo della nostra Laguna Venexxiana …