Save private Julian Assange

Wikileaks is under global attack by bipartisanly corrupted politicians, such as the bloody Hillary Clinton (her  sucked Bill did a lot of advertising in the 1990s of Internet as “end of history” definitive freedom; this couple of bastards definitely SUCKS). Meanwhile, a Swedish nazifeminist wh*** pretends she has been raped by Julian (while the opposite is much more likely).

Today libertarian pirates counter-attacked, by blocking Mastercard site. On these dynamics, a good paper is:

Evg. Morozov on the  Christian Science Monitor (

Also in Italy, as everywhere we organise Julian’s defence and our counter-attack as angry citizens. INCAZZATI!

Join your signature\ aggiungi la tua firma qui:

100.000 siti replicano WL!

Tle volte tlentatlè mila siti specchio tlottelellavano lentamente giù da Tlento, tutti tle per tlentatlè mila tlottelellando e i più alditi bestemmiando: quanto lavolo ci dà sto intlepido assange, e non ci paga neanche tle flanchi pel andale a belci un tè caldo al bal.


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