MUMBAI’S MARTIRDOM, 2. Ich bin Marathi! Eu sou Marata

Photo AP –  the Zaveri Bazaar a few moments after

BREAKING NEWS: 3 bombs, 19 dead, 140 injured

July 18, Monday update: MY GOD; WERE WE MARATHI RIGHT IN OUR 1st reaction?

India_Today India Today
‘LeT, IM planned 13/7 Mumbai blasts’

The July 13 Mumbai serial blasts were part of a joint operation between the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and the Indian Mujahideen (IM), sources in the ministry of home affairs (MHA) said on Monday.

OUR unproofed yet HYPOTHESIS, a CONJECTURE at the moment: The LeT (and the ISI-military reactionary, jihad and\or proChinese forces behind them) aims to destabilse the early beginning of a reapproach India-Paki, THAT WAS STOPPED UNTIL NOW BY MUMBAI-1 in NOVEMBER 2008.

July 16, Saturday update:

 @IndiaRealTime  (wsj)
What They Said: Mumbai After the Blasts

Another (Nov. 26, 2008 –  July 13, 2011) vile Jihad (by Paki  ISI & LeT again? We’ll know: they speak of Indian Mujahiddin) attack to the WORLD CAPITAL OF CIVILISATION AND PEACE. THAT’S ENOUGH!!!

live, among others, besides indiatimes named above: NDTV

20 dead (AT THE MOMENT), 81 injured after 3 blasts  in one of the sweetest and most beautiful metropolis of the world.

Again after attack, I SUPPOSE: AGAIN FROM ISI (Pakistan services) and LaT, the fucjking bastards that the Paki proChinese pseudo-democracy keeps protecting.


Three blasts rock Mumbai; 17 dead, 81 wounded

TNN | 43 min ago

Three blasts took place at Dadar in central Mumbai and Opera House and Zaveri Bazar in south Mumbai. The home ministry has confirmed it is a terror strike. | Video

Mumbai blasts: Improvised explosive used, say police

Reuters | 29 min ago

An improvised explosive device was used to carry out at least one of the three near simultaneous blasts that ripped through populated areas of Mumbai. | Video

India ups security alert after Mumbai blasts

IANS | 1 hr ago

Security vigil across the country, particularly in metro cities, was stepped up after 3 explosions rocked Mumbai on Wednesday, official sources said.

  • Police nos: 022- 22621855, 1983, 5020
#Mumbai explosions: The blasts took place at 6:55 pm in Zaveri Bazaar, 6: 59 pm at Dadar and at 7:03 pm at Opera House [via Twitter]

france 24, en français

Des explosions quasi-simultanées se sont produites mercredi à Bombay, deux dans le sud de la ville, une troisième sur un marché du centre.

CdSera, in Italian

Tre esplosioni simultanee: 
almeno 17 morti e 100 feriti

CRONACHE Due deflagrazioni nelle zone della Dadar e Opera House, una terza in centro. Il ministro dell’Interno: «Attacco terroristico». E su Twitter compare l’annuncio: «Oggi è il compleanno dell’unico terrorista sopravvissuto all’attacco del 2008» di B.Argentieri

Indian terrorist attacks sentenced to death but still alive, might be born in Pakistan either the 13 September, or the 13 July 1987; in the latter case he had his 24th birthday the day of the 3 bombs
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