A. SOP is a Creative Commons work

Creative Commons License
SOProject by enzo fabio arcangeli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Italy License. In short (see the license for details), it allows even for commercial uses, provided: a CC licensing is conserved and pushed through the cooperative chain, ecology; and attributions, creative-intellectual debts are recognised. Licensing form matches with our contents: e.g., see page “Commons”.

From our biolibertarian viewpoint, CC (as well as  copyduties, free software, GPL, Open Culture, Open Science, “Property Duties versus property rights” institutions and movements) provide an important anti-capitalist and anti-rentier perspective: institutionalising Knowledge Commons areas, networked in new ecologies, not likely to be easily neutralised and exploited by the mechanisms of Death = market Dictatorship. Nonetheless:

A) Attention! There is no certainty (we avoid Historicisms and Marxisms in that), nor any guarantee of a final victory: more freedom for creative workers, less social oppression, abolishing property rights and Capitalisms.

B) Beware of moderatism and watering down the class struggle of the oppressed: Open Source, Social-democracy, Blairian Third Way: NO, THANKS! Except for many positive social conquests made by workers, within social-democracies (e.g. in Northern Europe) and Trade Unions. Bios versus Thanatos, Good and Evil is a struggle for survival (Schmitt), with little room for a mid way.

C) Calculate your strategy. On the other, anarchist end of the political spectrum (see “Political Ideologies” in our solibio-Dictionary): it is a Utopia the possibility to create and preserve liberated areas and networks. There is no space out of Capitalist Systems. Even when imperialisms will clash, as  it will happen again sooner or later. Either CC “liberated areas” will join anti-capitalist strategic  alliances, or they’ll not survive for longer.

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