Feminism; gender

Simone de Beauvoir à la Bastille

I took this picture, nearby the Bastille (and today, while I’m posting this page, it’s Bastille Day, 14 juillet: HOW MANY SIMBOLISMS and meanings in dates! and places), on Feminist Day, March the 8th. Simone de Beauvoir is actually a paradigm-maker and pioneer of our contemporary views  on Gender, not just an icon.

In brief. Gender issues are based on:

a) a bio basis. The Sapiens reproduces sexually, therefore is binary in genders

b) socio-cultural evolution: a given social division of labour, including some gender-tailored roles, and related ideologies, characterizes every matriarchal, patriarchal or mixed-complex society

c) class and gender struggle: ethnic-gender-social-value conflicts, and Revolutions (à la Bastille !) move societies from one régime to another. See the interesting combination in the US democratic Primaries this year: race VS gender. Even though Hillary never was any feminist, and Barack revolutionised any Afro American stereotype, and Civil Rights tradition.

Contemporary feminism moved from first pioneers, and early 20th C. parity movements (suffragette), to the philosophy of a dialectic triad: A) feminine identity, B) its de-construction (every feminine identity is false or spurious) and finally, today, C) the DIFFERENCES THEORY  (e.g. Adriana Cavarero and the Diotima group in my town, Verona).

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