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Why do we talk socialism here, and that capitalism lost its immortality, since God died?

It happened around 1900, in between Nietzsche and Heisenberg, the Scilla and Cariddi of God’s short Odissey in History, which lasted just 25 Centuries, from the Axial period to then. When Capitalism became another Falling Angel (Emanuele Severino), and Lucifer took soon Vladimir Ilic’s features (Fatima revelation).

But why at the same time, and with the same determination and radicality, the virtual place we most like, suggest and use is the Library of Economics and Liberty (not so popoular in the Left Orthodox Church), so that we even put their (our) Logo on top of Solibiodictionary?

Answer is: no way to put Justice first; or even 2nd but as an alternative, an orthogonality to Freedom: déja vue,  déja added – to those inflicted by Capitalisms – even worst Malheurs (Sventure).

And the largest scale democides: Stalin implementing Trotskij’s growth plan; Mao (in the Imperial Tradition) playing with suddites as dolls, no plan; Pol Pot killing for existential angst (Heidegger, Sartre, de Beauvoir; Antonioni, Moravia, Visconti) more than everybody else in history (as far as we know), as a % rate of population per year. And we agree with Mario Tronti (2005 audio speech): THIS IS socialism tout court. So we are in search of a NEW NAME, and will change thereafter this blog’s title.

FreedomLiberté: in the full sense of deployment of a humanity, originally baptised to Diversity, by the meeting with the view, smell, listening to; taste, massage and therapy of the Other. Freedom is the only possible direction of the time arrow, if there is any.

And in THIS Mesopotamic logo, Freedom was  and is an Arrow (by ChanceDestiny, the name of Ken, the greatest of all economists):



We extract here, from the Solibiopedia dictionary, in order to zoom on them, a gallery of the greatest personalities marking the path towards such an oxymore as LIB SOC is, in counter-tendence:

a) to the legacy of the British Industrial, and the French Political Revolution (Furet, Weil);

b) to the irreversibility of the ‘800 Holy Trinity:  liberalism – democracy – socialism;

c) to the dialectic tragedies of the ‘900:

THESIS _ the Leninist imitation of Jacobinism (Furet),

ANTI-THESIS_Mussolini’s shift (à la René Thom, catastrophe theory)  from leftist “socialismo massimalista” (close to Sorel’s anarcho-sindacalisme) to fascism, and

SYN-THESIS_ their convergence towards Arendt’s totalitarianism.

>>> AS RUSSIAN DOLLS DO, such a synthesis includes a  further Unholy Trinity: Auschwitz – Gulag – China’s hospital-prison. The latter also ..

>>> >>> The discouse might continue at an ever changing scale, under The Proportion Rule: like a Dervishi dance not on traditional regular circles, but on a XXX pattern. As  in a Trilogy on Europe by Lars von Trier, interrupted on the US, and very difficult to return to; where  Lars  traced geometric shapes on the floor.

As I would prepare a trace for turning Dervishi monks to go through. They dance a pure shamanic dance (purest than in Candomblè, e.g.), where the dance itself with Attention (no drug), leads you everywhere (extasy = other zones of the pluriverse) as any other form of the basic Unique Mysticism.

The core nucleus we propose as a start, is the following one; 40 names for a not exhaustive list.

Ken Arrow above the list, as Honorary President if he’s willing to.

1. anarcho-sindacalisme (Georges Sorel), anarcho-socialismes

2. Hannah Arendt

3. Raymond Aron

4. Norberto Bobbio

5. Andrea Caffi

6. Albert Camus

7. Cornelius Castoriadis

8. Nicola Chiaromonte

9. Vittorio Foa

10. François Furet

11. Milovan Gilas

12. Gustaw Herling

13. IWW

14. Mary Jahoda

15. Paul Krugman

16. Anna Kuliscioff

17. Alexander Langer

18. Claude Lefort

19. Emmanuel Levinas

20. Joyce Lussu: Silvia Balestra ed. “Joyce Lussu. Una vita contro”

21. Rosa Luxemburg

22. Vladimir Luxuria – “Da Vladimir Lenin a Vladimir Luxuria”

23. Dwight MacDonald

24. Mary McCarthy

25. Barack Obama

26. George Orwell

27. Raniero Panzieri

28. PP Pasolini

29. JJ Proudhon

30. Philip Rahv

31. Joan Robinson

32. Rossana Rossanda

33. Rosselli brothers: assassinated,  because of their successful organising work in Spain,  by Minister Ciano (Rome) with the collaboration of the young fascist Jacques Mitterrand in Paris

34. Bertrand Russell

35. Saint Simon

36. Gaetano Salvemini

37. Victor Serge

38. Susan Sontag

39. Boris Souvarine: a worker son of workers, the initial leader of SFIO and PCF (ths makes 3 Russian- related Revolutionaries in this list, with Caffi and Serge)

40. Simone Weil.

40 + 4. Plus the 4 contemporary unorthodox economists focal points (not to be mixed up eclectically among them! One of the basic mstakes of EAEPE.  Each one has its own Vocation and role; maybe Providence takes care of their coordination, also with orthodoxy-mainstream):

a) Cambridge and other coherent Kalecki-Keynesians (Minsky, Kaldor, Joan Robinson, Pasinetti)

b) neo-Ricardians, after Sraffa (Garegnani, Napoleoni, Pasinetti: see Alessandro Roncaglia’s History textbook; Sheppard in geography)

c) BIONOMICS – as we define it in Solibiodictionary: incl. Cognitivists (Simon); complexity modellers (Kauffman); Evolutionarists, post- Schumpeterians  (Nelson and Winter, Freeman and Carlota Perez, Dosi; Allan Pred, but now also Boschma and Frankel in geography)

d) some post-Marxist developments, e.g.: Aglietta, Boyer, Chesnais, Debord, Harvey,  Lipietz, Mandel, Doreen Massey, Mattick and Sweezy.

And so many other political contributors: from mainstream economics frames and language (take my colleagues Federico P. and Michele B., e.g.), feminism and philosophy, regional and social sciences, engineering and free software.

This was just an appetiser: more in Solibiodictionary and Solibiopedia as their WORKS slowly progress (we lack labourforce just now: Obama’s New Deal wiped  out the labour market, namely in Washington, with Bolzano already one of the top 10 full employment Paradises on Earth – eh! eh! These guys didn’t think about hiring a geographer in the Dream Team … Only Victorians had the know how, these ones are dilettanti, malheuresement).

Necessita uma Ponte Aérea das favelas do Rio (primeiro a Tijuca por favor), e das Universidades de excelencia da India para Washington DC, nao è pai?

Vamo fazer uma linha barata demais, baratissima por aì, meu pai.

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