Obama 2: New Deal Policies

realestatescherzis page and ze New New Deal: work in progress

The Beauty versus the Acopalypse Beast:

Obama’s 100 days to decide who wins,

the Liberal Leader or the Catastrophe of Capitalisms

Kn. base: AMITY SHLAES; her book (on FDR) and blog.

AXIOM 1: A FDR-like concentration of power and irresponsibility, would definitely make US capitalism sink, and disappear quickly in a total uncertainty “black hole”. The other capitalisms would survive after a long depression, but this would not be a regular transition from the US to the Chindia leadership.

THEOREM 1. The  key criterium of policies evaluation is: the more the Obama New Deal will diverge substantially from FDR’s one, THE BETTER. Reality helps: in the current stalemate of the ICT long wave (Perez 2002), we live in such a hypermodern complex society (Arcangeli, Lipovetsky), where Gramsci, Lenin or Roosevelt collectivist tricks JUST DON’T WORK. Obama’s post-Hegelian, Liberal view of the civil society helps  – the only text on the argument yet is, from an influential President’s friend:.

OBAMA NEWEST DEAL state of the art –

AS OF: February 13, 2009, 4:30 am GMT


Very badly taken by “markets”, for its incompleteness. Lex (ft), Feb. 13:

Over-promised and under-delivered

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, as US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner learnt anew this week. The unveiling of his grand plan to shore up banks, get credit flowing and help the American homeowner was given short shrift by markets. Lacking a clear, detailed action plan, the new rescue package fell short of high expectations. The US stimulus package, which edged slowly closer to political approval this week, faces a similar problem.

wsj summary, Feb.11

1 Capital Injections
Expands on existing plan. To qualify, large banks will have to undergo “stress tests.” Cost: $100-200 bn.
This bad-bank like structure aims to buy up the “toxic assets.” Cost: up to $100 bn total, which be potentially be leveraged up to $ 1 trillion.
3 Consumer Lending
Expansion of Fed program to jumpstart markets that provide funding for consumer debt. Cost: Additional $80 bn for $100 bn total which would be leveraged to $ 1 trillion
4 Foreclosure
MITIGATION: Full details of this plan have not been announced. May aim to reduce minthly payments and set guidelines for loan modification. Cost: $ 50 bn.


wsj summary, Feb. 12

Key goals and what indicators to use to gauge success.

Business confidence
Steps: Tax breaks for businesses, appropriations.
Measurement of success: Stock market results and management surveys.

Low income/unemployment aid
Steps: Benefit checks, foodstamp increases, health insurance assistance, Medicaid.
Measurement: Benefit rates

Consumer spending
Steps: Tax breaks to workers.
Measurement: Retail spending, consumer-confidence surveys.

Job creation
Steps: Infrastructure spending, aid to states.
Measurement: Unemployment.

Economic Growth
Steps: Spending, tax breaks.
Measurement: GDP.


Treasury close to agreeing housing plan
Bank stocks rallied after reports suggested the administration was homing in on a plan that would involve subsidising a reduction in monthly payments for overstretched borrowers – Feb 13 2009
Impact of US plan will be felt slowly
Economists disagree over the effects of the $789bn US stimulus bill, but few think its impact will be felt any time soon by average voters – Feb 12 2009
Blow to Obama as fourth pick withdraws
Barack Obama suffered the fourth high-profile withdrawal of a key administration nominee when Judd Gregg, the former and now future Republican senator for New Hampshire, took his name out of consideration for the post, citing “irresolvable conflicts” over policy – Feb 12 2009
Stimulus bill marked by political gesturing
The stimulus bill has been altered in shape and size during three weeks of being kicked around Capitol Hill. What has emerged, some economists say, bears the marks of political gesturing as much as boosting the economy – Feb 12 2009

Robin Hood policies


1. SPEND GVT. MONEY on Health care and NEW INFRASTRUCTURES (Robert Reich, Nov. 9).


Obama Transition Team Member on “Optimizing” the Patent System

3. Of course B.Ob. is no socialist at all (eventually, we suggest him a fully LIBERTARIAN socialism, which in fact was already the US Liberal tradition at her early and creative stage, in the 1940s): the collapse of American Capitalism has shifted the baricentre of the Electoral Campaign toward Keynesian and socialist issues. If socialism, which blend? The nightmares of the defeated right, still unconscious of the real possibility of a pluri-decennial change (as would suggest the realignment theory), as well as the real nature of the economic and social crisis. And Trotski’s prophecy, stemming from a critique of FDR’s New Deal: Communism’s destiny was not Russia, but America.

Vladimir Obama

Nov. 12 post, from the creative  ultra-conservative Right Wing Rebel blog by Joe – son of Croatian immigrants, 1st gen.  American (“American, Conservative and Republican in this order“).

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944, and 1948. (…)

We have been so concerned with external threats that we have forgotten to watch our back door. While we defeated Communism in much of the rest of the world, it quietly crept into our schools and institutions, disguised as a more palatable communitarian “philosophy.”

Nov. 8 post:

Obamunist America


1 su 44: immagine di Patrick Moberg, found via Phonkmeister and netmonitor.

But Trotskist Communists have good reasons to beware of Obamunism, opposite to the ones of rebel Joe (wealth redistribution = depression and socialism). And so the marxists at Socialist Appeal. Their cartoon is on B.Ob. still imperialist.


If America should go Communist

Should America go communist as a result of the difficulties and problems that your capitalist social order is unable to solve, it will discover that communism, far from being an intolerable bureaucratic tyranny and individual regimentation, will be the means of greater individual liberty and shared abundance.  (…)

Today, quite unprepared, you are being forced to face those social contradictions that grow up unsuspected in every society. You have conquered nature by means of the tools that your inventive genius has created, only to find that your tools have all but destroyed you. Contrary to all your hopes and desires, your unheard-of wealth has produced unheard-of misfortunes. You have discovered that social development does not follow a simple formula. Hence you have been thrust into the school of the dialectic — to stay.

There is no turning back from it to the mode of thinking and acting prevalent in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

While the romantic numskulls of Nazi Germany are dreaming of restoring the old race of Europe’s Dark Forest to its original purity, or rather its original filth, you Americans, after taking a firm grip on your economic machinery and your culture, will apply genuine scientific methods to the problem of eugenics. Within a century, out of your melting pot of races there will come a new breed of men — the first worthy of the name of Man.

One final prophecy: In the third year of soviet rule in America, you will no longer chew gum!

Leon Trotsky

August 17, 1934



Secondo la chiave di lettura di netmonitor.blogautore.repubblica.it, l’entusiasmo pro-Obama più forte in Italia si trova nella fascia di età 30-40: la nicchia generazionale intermedia tra Obama ed il suo popolo dei Millennials (20-30):

I blog: “E ora cerchiamoci il nostro Obama”

E sì, si emozionano tutti, ma è il 35-40 enne che in qualche modo esprime con più chiarezza l’idea che questo risultato elettorale possa raddrizzare il bilancio politico della propria vita: Così Sergio Maistrello:Alla mia generazione, disillusa da decenni di cinismo e a cui una classe politica impresentabile ha rubato gli anni migliori. E a quella dei nostri bimbi, il cui futuro per una volta mi spaventa meno. Forse non sarà ancora vero cambiamento, ma è un inizio. Ed è un bell’inizio.”

Obama, dall’altra parte della luna – E se c’è chi (Cristiana Alicata) ha avuto un incidente stradale nella Turin Obama Night annegata di pioggia, ma è felice lo stesso, c’è chi – e questo è l’ambito dei militanti Pd nella fascia 30-40 – si commuove con rabbia per il confronto con la situazione italiana. In Dall’altra Parte della Luna, scrive Ivan Scalfarotto : “Mi sono esaltato e commosso, e commosso ho maledetto l’Italia (…). L’America non mi è mai sembrata così lontana come oggi.” (…)

Originale, come sempre The Right Nation che ieri ha tenuto una diretta che è addirittura cominciata alle 14 e che alle 1,04 si interrompe improvvisamente con questa dichiarazione: All’82% dello scrutinio il vantaggio di Obama in Ohio è schizzato oltre i 140mila voti (51-48). Con questa ferale (e inutile) notizia, concludiamo questo sfortunato liveblogging elettorale. Onore ai vincitori (ma non a quelli che salgono sul carro del vincitore). Noi domani ci consoleremo con dosi massicce di shopping, prima che il president-elect inizi a nazionalizzare tutti i centri commerciali ) Non aspettatevi aggiornamenti frequenti del blog per un po’. E ricordate… Palin/Giuliani 2012!”.

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