Qaddafi’s provocations taken at face value



Running the minor risk of being the only moderate political observer in Europe to agree with him, we explain here why we agree deeply (although with qualifications) with both the epater les bourgeois proposiitons held yesterday by Qaddafi in Rome:

1 – America has practiced terrorism (a self-evidence, that  no one can deny). FAQ: What’s the difference between Bin Laden, and Reagan trying to kill the entire Qaddafi family in 1986?

2 – You should abolish political parties in Italy. We’ll show why this is a boomerang for Qaddafi.



The difference puts Reagan and the US in a much heavier position, since a democratic power can not go to a private “vendetta”, namely without trying alternatives. But the list is much longer:

a- NATO (France and the US) forces killed all the Italian civilians  (about a hundred) on the civil plane over the sky of Ustica, in another act of war to Lybia;

 b -the disclosure of CIA docs shows that the US strategy in the 1970s was to produce serial terrorism in Italy, from the Piazza Fontana mass killing, to Bologna railway station, etc. (on the latter: see also the recent  interrogation of Carlos by an Italian judge, confirming the CIA evidence). They financed, armed and organised all that – by use of home fascists and secret services. They personally killed Aldo Moro, manoeuvring the BR  for that purpose: this is History by now.

As a democratic country, Italy should have broken any, even diplomatic tie with the US for each one of these episodes of war to Italy. But we aren’t any democracy, as well as  the US are not.



Version 2.1. Italy abolishes all the Parties, as forms of monopoly of supply in the political competitive markets, as the sounder political theory recommends since long: both lib-lib (Pareto) and lib-soc  theory (Rosselli, Chiaromonte, Weil). Italy might therefore start an evolutionary path, eventually  readdressing its oligopolistic biopolitical system in the lost  realm of democracy,  and National dignity (sold off to Foreign powers: US and USSR in the past).

Version 2.2 But Qaddafi has something else in mind: a  populist dictatorship. He has short memory, and scarce knowledge of the balance of power. A neofascist Italy would quickly re-occupy Lybia as a colony (and no one would protest seriously abroad, not even in Africa; some Islamic demos, and that’s all folks). From Sudan, as a novel “Lyon of the desert”, Qaddafi will organize the guerrilla warfare: but  he’ll have little access to his foreign investments and placements, so he’ll run short of non-human resources. With Lybian gas and oil, Italy would return to the Great Power table, from which it fell down for zero increase of productivity in the last 2 decades. From a purely nationalistic and selfish viewpoint, Qaddafi’s idea is a winwin for us, worth being closely analysed in terms of costs and benefits. But from a democratic stance, we wouldn’t enter such an analytical process. 



Qaddafi ha detto ieri a Roma

1) Che differenza c’è tra Bin Laden, e Reagan che mi ha bombardato la tenda nel 1986?

2) In Italia dovreste abolire i partiti.

Tutto un stracciarvesti e distinguo. Nessuno che dica la  verità:

1) L’Italia ha un conto assai più lungo da presentare al Terrorismo USA firmato CIA: da Piazza Fontana via Moro ad oggi.

Un conto è abolire i Partiti-monopolio per dispiegare la democrazia, un conto per sopprimerla. Nel secondo caso, caro a Qaddafi, fascismo grande mangia fascismo piccolo, e la Libia tornerebbe ad essere una nostra colonia, stavolta con gran beneficio dell’economia nazionale!