La presentazione al campione

Oggi, alla partenza del Giro d’Emilia, Danilo D’Elia  è stato presentato dal babbo ad Ivan Basso (foto di Rocco D’Elia, da facebook)


Una normale, straordinaria giornata al Lido; ivan ritorna e mark in rosa

DSCF1609_ivan4-58-_particolareUna giornata tranquilla al Lido
Con l’emozione unica di Ivan che ritorna 3 anni dopo, e l’inatteso regalo di Mark rosa

A photo-diary of today

Saturday May 11, 2009. Except this cut on the left, every quoted picture is published @

I spent  the afternoon at Lido di Venezia, watching the Giro and all the human world turning around this sport event and mediatic circus. In the morning, it was Nathalie that, with a facebook reply to a twitter message of mines, signalled that there was nothing normal today, everything was gonna out of the ordinary (time is out of joint– Hamlet, and,M1). That was an important message for me, since it prepared my mind to the  special events of the day.
Let us say that the cyclists I most  like after Ivan & the Pirate, are the two new generation ones, that stimulate father sentiments in me since when I first saw them in action, years ago: Andy Schleck and Mark Cavendish. Last of my thoughta was that the latter would have been, at end of the day,  the first to wear legitimately (as a cadeau, the Sindaco, my friend  Massimo Cacciari had already got one) Dolce & Gabbana’s pink jersey.

I come down from the vaporetto at Lido, just in time for a lucky first shot (photo: GIRO 1; 3:55 pm – ) of Mark and the Columbia boyz marching to their triumph, almost no one had betted upon. A couple of minutes before their arrival. Then I met Ivan twice, at very short distance:
– in the middle of a bit of crowd, just before departure (photos – GIRO 6 to 12, 4:25 to 4:30 – twitpic);
– 2nd time, more intimate  – GIRO 19; 4:58, see also a reproduction below  – in a narrow street, almost the two of us and no one else, when from the arrival he was getting to Liquigas meeting place, at trattoria Favorita, via Duodo 33. I knew in advance it was him (no adivination, except being there at the right time right place, walking through streets I’d never been before; but all the Liquigas team had passed by, so last he came  – no surprise; his nice wool hat was a further, unnecessary  element), but the shot came too much at a distance, no good. Finally he might have been in one of the Liquigas cars leaving  the Lido’s trattoria Favorita for  the special ferryboat (reserved to il Giro) to Punta Sabbioni on the way to Jesolo, but can’t tell (see: GIRO 23 & 24).

e per finire …

GIRO (photos no. 28 to 35). Nice dinner at the Gran Via Restaurant, Great Street (Gran Via itself), Lido. The owners showed me proofs that at lunch Moser, Fondriest and Motta had been there: GIRO 32 =—time-trial-technology-at-the-giro explains the technology implications (and constraints) of today’s Lido-TTT  (team time trial).

AFTER THE  TT TRIAL, THE CALM RETURNED UPON HIM. BUT HE’S ALWAYS ISOLATED in his own world, in a bubble: “Per tutta la corsa, vivo come in una bolla di vetro” (Today’s Gazzetta, p. 5: “Meglio di così non posso stare”)



bigger version –

JUST BEFORE THE TTT: like a lion in the cage, tension is electric at 1000W –


Sri Lanka cricket team: who’s the terrorist?

LAHORE (Pak.) – The worst attack to a sport team, perhaps, after the Munich tragedy  and the slow, long but inexorable –  and inevitable vendetta by Golda Meir that followed.

Today, we have no time to inquiry on our own, on the different Security and related quality Academic intelligentsia sources we know on the web: but we’llo do it with calm, also recapitulating Mumbai (a too much similar story?), now that everything  is clear on that awful attack to one of the most beautiful and livable world cities (with its favelas of course, no Paradise: as the Oscar winning film has made public  knowledge).

We refer, therefore, to this reasonable guess among many: CNN expert Andrew Carey concludes the earlier of these two  posts with 2 “in-house”, i.e. , intra-Paki guesses: either TeT (Tehrik-e-Taleban), or the same LeT (Lashkani-e-Taiba) that assaulted Mumbai; by arguing  the pros and  cons of all the main hypotheses on the table. Worth reading.

PARENTHESIS: CRICKET versus (European) FOOTBALL. Let us just remember, for the non India expert, that CRICKET makes part of the 5 basic things constituting National Identity in the S. Asian Continent. Much deeper than, and so differently from “calcio”, football in Italy: here in my own country (nothing to be proud of), such an ephemere, pervert, racist, inherently violent  and vulgar  passion;  almost always mixed with alcoholism, barbarianism and  localism – i.e., the body artificially separated from the soul, the EXACT OPPOSITE of anything decent, incl. national identity among many other things of the body-and-soul and woth living for. IF THERE IS ANY sincere National Identity in Italy; I do NOT think so. When there was one, it was CYCLING part of it: unforgettable moment of it, Summer  1948. Prime minister Alcide de gasperi calling on the phone (TRUE!) Gino Bartali, and the sincerely cathò  Gino (versus the  “laico” labelled, fabulous Fausto) literally putting the 5th  gear on,  WINNING THE TOUR DE FRANCE !!! (on De Gaperi’s demand), in order to save the beloved Patria from a soviet insurrection already on the road (Togliatti shot, but not dead; his alter Ego, Pietro Secchia ready to go for a suicidal and democidal insurrection, like in Greece before; Togliatti, more Stalinist than Stalin himself: in bed, incapable of stopping the revolt “on his name”. GINO HA FATTO L’IMPRESA, and that was sublime Nation Building, that someone took care to  unbuild thereafter, unluckily for us). At that time, Italy was united by its division on Fausto\Gino lines: the highest point of  bottom-up, spontaneous national unity in history. At the Giro, this year, it’ll be Ivan\Damiano, if Damiano will have legs to stay with Ivan (even in such a case, DAMIANO has not been at the wind gallery, so he’s likely out at the 5 Terre stage). Ivan, a born strategist,  found a good low profile argument: the favourite is Lance (now 233,269 Twitter followers: a real industry, bigger than GM in a little while).


March 5, 2009
Posted: 203 GMT

LONDON, England — Wednesday saw no dramatic developments in the investigation but instead witnessed a steady drip of reports and information about what happened and how.

Up to twenty people were arrested but none of the gunmen responsible for the attack were apparently among them.

Many have commented on the apparent ease with which the gunmen melted away into the city after the attack, and suggested this points to them receiving assistance from rogue elements within the military or the intelligence structure. While there may or may not have been collaboration of this kind, it’s a mistake to make this assumption on this piece of evidence alone.  MORE

(…) This possible scenario, of course, provides further similarities with the Mumbai attack three months ago.

CNN- 2

March 3, 2009
Posted: 1957 GMT

LONDON, England — It’s just hours since the attack in Lahore but on one thing most observers seem clear. The real target of the attack was not the Sri Lankan cricket team, but the Pakistani government. Terror operations like this are aimed at creating maximum international impact, and sport finds itself increasingly in the crosshairs of global terrorism. No sport is more popular in Pakistan than cricket.

A video grab shows a suspected gunman near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, Tuesday.

A video grab shows a suspected gunman near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, Tuesday.

The only reason Sri Lanka were touring Pakistan at all was because the Indian team had pulled out of its planned tour, citing security reasons. After receiving assurances over the team’s safety, Sri Lanka stepped in at the last minute. It will surely be the last team to visit the country for the foreseeable future.

That means a loss of prestige and income for Pakistani cricket, and further reinforcement overseas of the idea that Pakistan is not a safe place to visit or to do business. That’s just the sort of outcome the attackers will have wanted, and just what the Pakistani government is so desperate to avoid.

The operation certainly appears to have been very well planned, if not, perhaps, entirely well executed, if reports about some of the attackers’ weapons failing turn out to be correct. (…)

Whoever carried out the attack, it certainly represents the most significant challenge to date from within Pakistan to the survival of the civilian government of President Asif Ali Zardari.

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