Iran: the 2009 “Neda” Green Revolution


Neda  Agha-Soltan is a 26-year-old philosophy student born in 1982. Also practicing music and singing with her Maestro Hamid Panahi  (who assisted her and shouted, when a basiji man killed her on Sat. June  20, 2009 evening, in the well known video), and studying Turkish to become a tour guide, because of her passion for travel (she had been to Dubay, Turkey and Thailand); not linked to any party, just loving freedom for all. So refers her fiancé Caspian Majan: you see them together on the video-gallery A song has been dedicated to her by Johnny Maudlin “You will not defeat the people”:  or

She had just died and the world got the news: a cult to the new Jeanne d’Arc icon spread instantenously.

A STATE OF THE ART ON IRAN SOCIAL MOVEMENT, and its different interpretations:

The page includes the  12:43 video-interview  of TheRealNews to Erlich:  OR

Reese Elrich argues it is neither a Twitter revolution, nor a CIA’s  coloured one.

Twitter doesn’t dig much deep into knowledge. 4  suggested books:  

Il turbante e la corona. Iran 30 anni dopo. By Alberto Negri.

Reese Elrich (2003),Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn’t Tell You

Reese Elrich (2007), The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of US Policy and the Middle-East Crisis

The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran (2008) By Hooman Majd.



This slogan is even more immediate and powerful than Yes We Can; it will likely destroy (but it’ll be a real revolution, with a lot of blood needed: in any case – both Iran Regime resisting or abated) 30 years after the Khomeinist regime, through a systemic collapse  – according to prof. Pardi’s hypothesis (La Stampa, June 17), that we basically share: although we do not overestimate the political impact of the extraordinary mobilisation of people for freedom: in all the Iran cities, and in  Twitter-contact with all the world.


The people will never go back to accepting the Clerical regime logic – but military force relations in the street are precarious. The only hope for us is that, if they massacre people (as they started on June 20), there will be such a spiral of mass mournings, as the one that defeated the Shah. The chance that they will restraint from repression, has been excluded by bloody Khamenei in his Frid’ 19 June speech.

Before the elections, the LAST POLL gave Moussavi in front with 54 vs 39% (but Ahmadi was by far over-valued). Int. Min. officials before dimissioning (and, now, disappearing – probably killed) gave the true data to the opposition: a slandslide Moussavi’s victory, and Ahmadi Nejad just 3rd!

But among mostly Islamist, and some NazIslamist readers (excl. myself), over 2300 voters only a 29% believe there was the electoral fraud! While the evidence is overwhelming: e.g. all the provinces exhibit the same %, with an impossible levelling out of ethnic preferences for the candidates.



Neda, killed yesterday Sat. 20 June 2009 by the Nazists of Ahmadi Nazi-ejad in Tehran, today in her 2nd life is the no.1 global heroin of Freedom: the Voice of Iran. Her name, common in Iran as well as in many Slav countries, means: DIVINE VOICE:


Follow JUST NOW the momentum of #neda tag on Twitter: it’s just amazing, it’s a global prayer. If this isn’t retwolution in March (a little late: it’s June), what else? This is the most alive social network becoming at the same time  insurrectional and mystic. You see: there is a Khomeini legacy&message here. Not all the Modern secularisation was good, although we are not stepping back from Modernity, but jumping forwards onto Pure Freedom. A gift to the individual soul paying due attention, care to her roots into socialisation networks, communities which aren’t as hierarchical, intrusive  and repressive, as pre-capitalist communities.
In Iran, we fight  our cause 4 a 3rd way, an alternative to oppressive communities (communism, pre-capitalism including Islamism) and  oppressive markets (capitalism).





How to Help

So you want to help Iran, but you’re not actually in Iran?  Here’s what you can do to help (Focused on twitter, since that’s where the infowar is occurring.

Change your location and time zone on Twitter to Tehran, Iran (that’s GMT+3:30)

Change your profile icon to green in some way.

Set up a proxy. and send a DM to @ProtesterHelp. On Windows, do this and on Linux do this. On Mac, do this (NOTE: These will be reposted here soon to save bandwidth)DO NOT POST THESE PUBLICLY. DM TO @austinheap or ProtesterHelp

DO NOT retweet posts verbatim from Iran. This puts the users at risk. The Iranian Minstry of the Interior is watching Twitter closely now. Don’t use names and reword the post.

Submit e-mails to CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other news sources about the Iranian Revolution- demand more coverage

DO NOT DDOS (PageReload) Iranian government websites. It slows all Iranian traffic, doing more harm than good in this information war.


A selection of some of them


Mir Hossein Mousavi: Demonstrations all over the World (June Dates): “We stand in Solidarity” – his tweeties



June 30

We All Are Green on June 30, 2009

An Online Event To Support Democracy and Freedom in Iran 


June 26

Wear Green to Support Democracy in Iran – June 26

at midday: wear green world event 

LIVE BLOGGING on June 20:  then  then then  

The Guardian :

19 June: Khamenei’s hardline speech
18 June: mass mourning
17 June: crackdown continues
16 June: day of unrest
15 June: aftermath of disputed results
12 June: election day

Zahra Rahnavard زهرا رهنورد خبر ها و گزارشها حاکی از آمدن سیل عظیم جمعیت از شهرستانها

the popular wife of President  elected, expropriated Mousavi; she’s on FB  = (short v.)


Iran militant women, the beauty of freedom & of good: 

                supplies a wonderful Gallery











LOGOS YOU CAN ADOPT, e.g., on fb, mySp, Skype or Twitter and your blogs: 

TWITTER – the guerrilla warfare field










follow the tags – most adopted: #iranelection(s)

emerging   #Neda 










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