domani sciopero contro la “legge al Nano”

14 LUGLIO: PRIMO SCIOPERO NAZIONALE DEI BLOGGERS, PER BLOCCARE i provvedimenti ammazza-Internet, anti-social media ed illiberali della Legge Alfano! PARTECIPA, DIFFONDI VIRALMENTE, SCRIVI AL PRESIDENTE NAPOLITANO > APPELLO di Diritto alla Rete

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Italy in general strike against M Tremonti’s kafkian procyclical plan



uno sciopero contro lo sciopero della Ragione

20_mascarete-a-boogna-el-dodezeall the photos in this post: from the 200,000 people today in Bologna (top of the 1.5 million in Italy). Photos Eikon from

We already knew the Italian Government, as far as we know a  unique case in one of the  deepest ever recessions, was doing nothing, just words and words. Unfortunately the Trade Unions front broke up, AND ONLY  THE LEADER TU, CGIL (traditionally linked to the socialist and communist party, in the past decades) and the new, 1968 rooted and radical CUB (but not CISL and UIL) are calling today, Friday Dec. 12 a general strike for an effective policy anti-crisis, and for the burden not to B entirely on the workers’ shoulders.

The day before the strike, something really absurd, amazing and Kafkian was discovered by the Parliament staff, and publicised by Bocconi economist Tito Boeri, the animator of the alive site On the PD  (Democratic Party) daily “L’Unità” and other Italian newspapers, Boeri explains that the Tremonti supposedly stimulus plan, after shrinking and shrinking in a few days from the original €80 bn and getting to 0, finally changed to a negative sign.

12piazzamaggioreTremonti Plan IS ACTUALLY PROCYCLICAL: THEREFORE IT  WOULD WORSEN  the STAG-DEFLATION calamity in our national economy, not even providing any social protection for the further  unemployment it will yield. In fact, the Plan modifies the Govt. Budget with a net positive variation (more new taxes than expenditures) of €390 million, while EU – slowed down by Ms Merkel –  is increasing net expenditure towards €1 tr (0.2 tr coordinated by Bruxelles, plus all the national measures and plans), and the US are already over $2 tr.

Even Ms Merkel, while resisting State expenditures with the usual  crazy German  monetarist mentality, even craziest in Times of Stag-deflation (Roubini): even Ms Merkel, perhaps for a sense of being guilty, is planning a SHORT LABOUR WEEK plan: the State will pay the unworked  5th day salary, not the  firms, so that the unemployment bubble of the next few years would be “shared” in solidarity.

TREMONTI IS MUCH WORST, with no ethical restraint and full powers (actually more than a President in France and US, although unofficially, Italian Style); he is the man in command now: Berlusconi is his PR man.


You find the links to Boeri’a analysis (IN ITALIAN) either at la voce, going to Dec. the 11th in the calendar u find there,  or as a link from our deeprecession blogpost (IN ITALIAN as well):

uno sciopero contro lo sciopero della Ragione

where you find also this  leaflet full of colour and some Applestyle editing:

oggi si sciopera e si va in piazza con CGIL e CUB

per salvare l’Italia, per i nostri figli e nipoti

Here, the green – white – red colours of our National flag are on purpose. The Berlusconi Government  is contradicting every  possible logic, Reason itself,  and betraying our country. Today not just the left will be walking in the streets and most beautiful squares, but many moderate and patriotic people as well. Bipartisanship is not an Obama’s monopoly, after all.