Cara Consuelo Trevisan e cari amici,
ieri io non sapevo ancora che una narrativa dominante del fascista prossimamente alla Casa Bianca Steve Bannon (come spiega sul New Yorker Ryan Lizza in modo chiaro e convincente, è la congiura dei banchieri ebrei globalisti, nottetempo alleati ad Obama:

Bannon injected Trump’s speeches with language about global élites and bankers. Clinton “meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty,” Trump said in an October speech that was so disturbing in its coded anti-Semitism that the Anti-Defamation League spoke out against it. Trump’s final TV ad of the campaign combined excerpts from the speech, decrying “those who control the levers of power in Washington,” with images of George Soros, Janet Yellen, and Lloyd Blankfein, all of whom are Jewish. “This needs to stop,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the A.D.L., said in a statement.

Qui siamo all’Hitlerismo docg da discorso alla birreria di Munich. Al confronto, l’antisemitismo della Jihad  sarebbe all’acqua di rose, se non andasse oltre il discorso, alle armi.

Anch’ió chiamo alle armi le persone conservatrici o liberali, populiste, socialiste o altro di buona volontà. FERMIAMO TRUMPUTIN, ricacciamolo nel suo grattacielo – fogna. Facciamogli guerra con ogni mezzo lecito, anche un impeachment al mese.

A questo punto io cambio completamente il mio sistema di alleanze politiche “dal Centro”, non per mio ghiribizzo (ero ben contento di seguire i cari FHC e Vargas Llosa verso una buona Destra) perché è la realtà a cambiare a 180° con le elezioni a sorpresa e – molto peggio, ad un populista moderat0 avremmo riso in faccia  – una Casa Bianca neofascista, mica solo un suó consulente, con possibile deriva NAZISTA.
Come lib-soc, i miei primi alleati da oggi sono sempre Obama, la Merkel e Juppé come prima; e ora, quando passo in Italia, anche quello scemo di guerra di Renzi (il Cav ha pure licenziato il bravo Parisi…).
La brutta nana Brunetta
ha chiuso il duello a Sky comtro Giachetti con:
“Basta essere. politicamente corretti, basta disquisizioni sul merito, votiamo tutti NO per cacciare Renzi.”  E quanti coglioni, anche cari amici van dietro al pifferaio nano.
Io voglio che Renzi resti. Non voglio né il Trumputinian9 Salvini, nè una marionetta   Orwelliana di Casaleggio Jr o Di Maio – Grillo – Raggi. Altri nani da giardino.

Non rifaccio Stalin che divide la sinistra per mandare su Hitler: quello era proprio l’obiettivo primario di Stalin, FOTTERE la Repubblica di WEIMAR, mica un suo errore!



Nick, the “cafone lucano” that gave self-assurance to Liberals

Here’s a letter to Michelle Obama.


Nick Chiaromonte played a bridge role, in the 1940s, between the new lib-soc interwar European culture, and East Coast Liberal, anti-Stalinist intellectuals. That was a cross-Ocean dissemination of New Left seeds; after the Columbus interchange of genes (F. Fernandez Armesto, various books) that shaped our Present, the Chiaromonte one of cultural genes that might re-open our Future.

date    12 February 2009 04:57
subject    Re: Your call to service (2009/1/12)

Dear Michelle,
I might have found something important, a hidden Italian contribution (in the 1940s, when so many Europeans had to escape to NY) to the birth, growth and emergence of a liberal culture, that is now fully deploying, for the first time ever, in your beloved husband as a President; that we feel as Our President in Italy as well, as everywhere in this cosmopolitan world (and this is another first time in History, I must say). I am about to post this idea, and this is an excerpt from the English Abstract of my post. It will appear on all 3 my blogs which are named below, with my signature. When my hypothesis will be a bit more robust, I might send an op-ed to the NYT on the subject, eventually.

the Secret Magister of the Novecento
the hidden roots in Lucania (Italy) of Obama’s way of thinking

NICOLA “NICK” CHIAROMONTE (1903 – 1972). Born in Rapolla, Lucania, Italia. He died in Rome.
A unique figure of a coherent,  self made and – hiddenly, behind the scenes – highly influential anti-totalitarian intellectual, with many curiosities in philosophy, a pioneering critique of Historicism and a great passion for theatre (where he believed Brecht was by far overvalued).
A pioneer of lib-socialism (although he early split in 1935, in Paris from the Rosselli brothers GL, Justice and Liberty group, for not paying lipservice to Italian nationalism and Risorgimento),  in the company of Arendt, Camus, Orwell and Weil. He fought in Spain with André Malraux’s aviation team: a real legend.
When in New York (Summer 1941-47), he played a  widely recognised Magister role in the liberal, anti-stalinist intelligentsia of the Partisan Review and Macdonald’s Politics, although he had to fight hard against a well alive marxism, yet. He was the best friend of Mary McCarthy (…).

A Maestro of the Novecento, he  found  his own Maestri in Andrea Caffi, Gaetano Salvemini and someone younger than him: Simone Weil. While he despised Gramsci as a cattivo maestro of generations.

The man with the energy and innovation, as  not only to stop the Reagan-Clinton decadence, but to establish a Liberal cultural and political “hegemony” (NOT in the awful, collectivist and retro Gramsci sense!), without antecedents in US history. It is impossible to understand where all this comes from, unless you dig deep, and also in the legacy of a man who literally came from the Nothing:  il “cafone lucano”. Point is: of the  two Nothings (Emanuele Severino), he was just coming from the Future (on a Time Machine). Thanks, Nick!
It is time to make Justice triumph. Time is ripe for the world, from Mumbai to LA to  know whom we have also to reward for the ongoing change.

The truth about such a despised and forgotten man, whose imagination, fed by Simone’s fertile one, created an Impossible Thought Experiment  – a libertarian socialism freed by Marxism – that we can now translate into a Real Experiment.

I follow every day the political battle in the US, and I am deeply engaged in doing the same in Italy. We can’t  believe yet all this is true, and all our destinies changed 180° in less than one year!
Thank you from the deep of my heart.
enzo fabio